An exhibition entitled “Golden folder of childhood” opened in the National Library of Uzbekistan

In January 10, 2019 in the Istikbol reading room, the National Library of Uzbekistan opened an exhibition entitled “Golden Folder of Childhood”. At the exhibition, users were presented with informative, bright, colorful, beloved children's books, which are considered, according to young book lovers, the best.

Children's literature, appeared at the end of the XVII century in writing retold tales and fables. In the 18th century, children already read “Robinson Crusoe” by D. Defoe and “Gulliver's Travels” by J. Swift. And the 19th century gave children the tales of the brothers Grimm and G.Kh. Andersen, who contributed to the creation of a children's book. Works of famous children's writers and poets of the 20th century, such as N.Nosov, A. Barto, K.Chukovsky, B.Zakhoder, E.Uspensky, G.Gulyam, Z.Diyor, K.Muhammadiy, P.Mumin, H.Tukhtaboev , A.Obidzhon, T.Adashboev were and remain loved.

A special place at the exhibition was occupied by collections of poems, fairy tales, stories and narratives, such as, “The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends” by N.Nosov, “The Old Man Hattabych” by L.Lagin, “The White Poodle” by A.Kuprin, “A Book for Family Reading” A. Barto, “Fairy Tales”, “Golden Fairy Tales”, “The Best Fairy Tales-Pictures”, “The Pearl Book of the Best Fairy Tales of the World”, “The Brave Kaisa” A. Lindgren, “The Girl from the Earth” by K. Bulychev, “Fairy-Tale” S. Prokofyeva, “Little Men / Mitti Odamchalar” by the Brothers Grimm, Pushkin’s Fairy Tales, and also collections of fairy tales in the Uzbek language “Zhasur Sichconcha "," Oltin Kovushcha "," Oltin Beshik "," Tokhir Rva Zuhra "," Khalifa Lilac "," Ertaklar Karvoni "," Tikanli Kuyoncha "," Alisa Mujizalar Mamlakatida "and others

Books are presented in Russian and Uzbek languages.

Having visited the exhibition of fabulous literature, library users plunged into the world of fairy tales and remembered fairy tales from their childhood.

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan