An open exhibition of literature opened at the National Library of Uzbekistan in honor of the Day of Defenders of the Motherland

In January 11, 2019 in the reading room "Kashfiyot" of the National Library of Uzbekistan on the day of the defenders of the Motherland opened an open exhibition of literature called "Vatanga kalkon-halkiga posbon" (For the Motherland with a shield - the guard of the people). It presents newspapers and magazines telling about the everyday life of servicemen, as well as works of poets and writers introducing soldiers and officers to military exploits.

Military service from time immemorial was considered an honor. For the exhibition selected literature, reflecting the courage, nobility, honor, bravery of our soldiers. On this day, we pay tribute and gratitude to those who courageously defended our land, as well as those who, in peacetime, have a difficult and responsible service in the ranks of the country's armed forces.

The open exhibition of literature entitled “Vatanga Kalkon-Khalkiga Posbon” (For the Motherland with a shield - on the guard of the people) is primarily aimed at young library readers, since they must soon make the most important choice in their lives - choose the profession they will be engaged all my life. From the presented literature, users learned how our ancestors defended our land, how they strengthened our state, how they fought back enemy forces.

Books tell us that peace and tranquility are the main wealth of every nation, that the valiant work of those who guard the world, the courage of those who guard the inviolability of our borders, is the apple of one's eye.

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan