In the National library of Uzbekistan opens a photo-book exhibition dedicated to the world day of aviation and cosmonautics

On 12 April 2016 at the National library of Uzbekistan opened the photo-book exhibition titled "Space is the boundless future" dedicated to world day of aviation and cosmonautics. The exhibition presents scientific and technical books, books about space, about scientists-aviators and aircraft.

The exhibition "Space–limitless future" presents such documentary and scientific publications about the development of cosmonautics, as a book "In space", "Space", "Space for peace", "Space man", "the Earth above us", "Space: my work", "Riddles of the star Islands", and the book "Yuri Gagarin" and "Siolkovsky" from the series "Life of remarkable people" that introduce readers to the history of cosmonautics and the exploration of near-earth space, with interesting facts from the life of astronauts and also talk about their daily work and deeds and the development of space technology, etc.

Library users got acquainted with the life and work of designers, scientists, astronauts and aviators, learned about their contribution to world science, as well as about the work of the design Bureau, which created the layouts of the aircraft. And younger users are presented colourful encyclopaedias, which contain numerous illustrations, from the "Encyclopedia for kids" educational books "Starry sky", "Everything about Everything. Planet Earth", "The Road to the spaceport", "XX century. Chronicle of the unexplained", "the Cosmic Commonwealth" and "The universe. There are more questions than answers". As well as books from the series "I know the world", dedicated to the machinery, aviation and space. And especially for aviators and curious readers, the exhibition presents fascinating stories about space, flying objects and space phenomena from magazine "aviation and cosmonautics-yesterday, today and tomorrow" and "Civil aviation".

Visiting the photo-book exhibition titled "Space is the boundless future" dedicated to world day of aviation and Astronautics, library users will learn a lot about space exploration.