At the National library of Uzbekistan was held a creative meeting with the American group "The Exchange"

April 7, 2016 National library of Uzbekistan was held a creative meeting with the American group "The Exchange" on the topic "Music of new generation - the vocals in pop and jazz music". The visit of energetic American vocal group "The Exchange" organized in the framework of the International jazz festival in Uzbekistan, which is held under the auspices of UNESCO. "The Exchange" performs with his concert in Uzbekistan from 5 to 11 April 2016. The target of the group is in harmony with its name and aimed at the exchange of ideas and culture between nations.

“The Exchange” consists of five singers, each with her own distinctive voice and style. The ensemble performs without instrumental accompaniment, combining such different aspects as rhythm and Blues, rock, opera and hip-hop. The sound of the ensemble is characterized by the profound power of the human voice. With their tour of Aron Sperber, Alfredo Austin, Christopher Diaz, Jamal Moore and Richard Steiner are performing within the program of international cultural exchange ": American Music abroad". This program is created to represent the rich musical heritage and diverse culture of America on the world music scene.

At the meeting, held in English, participants were asked questions regarding impressions of group members about the attractions of Uzbekistan, about Uzbek cuisine, folk instruments, which they met here. There were also questions about their interests, about the profession, about the style and technique of singing, the repertoire and future plans of the group.

Members of the group expressed admiration to the participants for their excellent English, thanked them for interest in the work of the group, and also shared their impressions received during the city tour. "I especially liked the Tashkent television tower, offering beautiful views of the whole city, covered with green trees and flowers. Streets and houses are very beautiful and tidy," said Alfredo Austin. And Richard Steiner told about their acquaintance with such Uzbek folk instruments as doira, karnay and surnay. "Doira basically sounds like our drum, but the sounds of karnay and surnay penetrated deep into my soul. I think these sounds I'll always remember". Guests also pronounced a few words in Uzbek language, they had time to learn. "We share not only culture, but also enrich our linguistic skills. For example, the words "shurva", "palov" and "Besh" will always remind me of this visit to sunny Uzbekistan", shared his impressions Jamal Moore.

The participants of the vocal ensemble "The Exchange" performed several songs from their repertoire. And library users have received answers to all their questions and were satisfied with their experiences.