A book- illustrative exhibition entitled “ Avaz Utar - a poet who loves his people ” has opened at the National Library of Uzbekistan

On August 2, 2019, a book and illustrative exhibition entitled “ Avaz Utar - a poet who loves his people ” was opened in the reading room “Uzbekistan”, dedicated to the 135th birthday of the poet-educator Avaz Utar.  The exhibition features works and books that tell about the facts of life and work of the poet-enlightener Avaz Utar.

The Uzbek poet, enlightener Avaz Utar was born in August 1884 in the city of Khiva in a family of barber. He was a gifted child, from an early age began to show an interest in knowledge, and as a young boy, Avaz Utar also showed poetic talents.  While studying in the madrasah, Avaz comprehended the Arabic and Persian languages.  Knowledge of these languages gave young Avaz Utar to read and study the works of classics of eastern poetry and literature.  At the same time, he began to write poetry, where he widely used folklore images.  Already at the age of 18, the young Avaz gained great fame and became the national poet of Khorezm.  Khiva Khan Muhammad-Rahim II, paying attention to the talent of the young man, brought him closer to his court and made him a court poet.

« Divan» (a collection of poems), “The Happiness of Welfare” (“Saodat ul-iqbol”) has 1700 gazelles.  During the life of the poet, two collections of his poems were published.  In 1920-1921, Avaz's poems were published in the newspaper «Inkilob quyoshi» (The Sun of the Revolution).  Avaz Utar died in 1919 in Khiva.

 The verses of Avaz Utar are diverse in form (rubayis, gazelles, kyt, Muhammas, etc.).  Continuing the traditions of classical Uzbek literature, the poet used folklore images.

Creative period from 1910-1919  Avaz Utar was the most fruitful.  His poems, imbued with acutely social motives, where he expresses the dreams and aspirations of the people received great recognition.

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan