National Library of Uzbekistan - for enrollees

So the hottest time has come for applicants and their parents ... And while universities are accepting documents, in the reading rooms of the National Library of Uzbekistan students are being prepared for entrance exams.

The choice of profession is one of the most important life decisions.  Orienting when choosing a school, applicants diligently prepare for the right directions.  The reading rooms of the National Library of Uzbekistan are overflowing with applicants preparing for entrance exams to universities.

 Someone repeats the rules and theorems, someone solves math problems or tests in other subjects, someone hid in the aisles between the bookshelves and reads a book or cram a poem, someone on the landing discusses with another the ways of solving problems, and  someone else explains to the other the nuances of the admission process .

We talked with some of them.  Below you will find out the opinions of our interlocutors.

Husniddin Zoyirjonov: “Because of my interest in technology, I chose the Tashkent University of Information Technologies.  Now I am preparing for exams in physics, mathematics and foreign languages.  To do this, every day I come to the Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan.  I come here because it’s quiet and cool and you can find all the books you need to prepare”.

Abdulaziz Abduvakhidov: “I passed my documents to the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.  Here, in the library, I can find all the literature on economics and politics that interests me.  It is spacious, light and all amenities are created”.

Navruzbek Ulanov: “The library has conditions for applicants: it's cool here, when it's hot in the street, it’s convenient and easy to find the literature you need.  My friend Alisher and I are trying to become students of the Tashkent Financial University this year”.

Hosiyat: “This place is very peaceful, this is a great place to concentrate our attention.  Moreover, we can easily concentrate when we see the training of other applicants.  We also discuss topics here ”.

Muhiddinov Muhriddin: “It is very convenient for us to prepare in the library.  Together with friends we prepare for math.  I thank the library staff for the favorable conditions and for helping us find books that we don’t have ”.

In the Uzbekistan reading room, applicants are presented with an exhibition titled "Applicant dikkatiga!" (Attention applicants), which presents books, textbooks, test collections that will help applicants during the entrance exams.  At the exhibition, it will be possible to get acquainted with new editions in various subjects to assist in the preparation, exams, testing and books that will help broaden the horizons.

We wish all enrollees successful exams and will be happy to see them in the future as students among our users!

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan