In the National Library of Uzbekistan an exhibition of literature on the bibliographic activity of Y.K.Betger

In June 28, 2019, an exhibition of literature devoted to the life and work of the historian, orientalist, bibliographer and bibliologist Yevgeny Karlovich Betger opened at the National Library of Uzbekistan. The exhibition featured books, scientific works, brochures of scientific research of Betger and books-memories of his life.

The famous historian, orientalist, bibliographer, and teacher Yevgeny Karlovich Betger was born in June 30, 1887, in the family of a German immigrant in Tashkent. In 1905 he graduated from the men's gymnasium in Tashkent. In 1920-1924 he studied Oriental languages at the Eastern Faculty of Central Asian State University. In 1914–1918, he taught Russian language and literature at the men's gymnasium in Tashkent. Since 1915, he acted as librarian in the Turkestan department of the Russian Geographical Society, organized courses for the training of librarians, supervised the creation of libraries of various types, created a library collector, drew up a scheme for decimal classification of literature. After reviewing his work, the developers of the tables from the Brussels International Library Institute sent a letter to the State Tashkent Library with thanks for the work done and approval of his innovative ideas. The booklet also included a methodic guidebook compiled by Betger on the use of UDC and other library techniques, which for many years became the main guide for employees of various library funds of Turkestan

1922-1931 Betger headed the Turkestan Public Library. Developed a plan for its reorganization, established business relations with libraries. Betger devoted a lot of energy and attention to the most valuable heritage of the Tashkent State Library - the Turkestan Collection. It is especially necessary to note his gift of a bibliographer. They compiled unique bibliographic indexes and chronological reviews. In 1952, Betger makes an almost sensational discovery: in the department of rare books of the library in Moscow, he found 29 more volumes of the Turkestan Collection. A study of their content revealed that there were no tables of contents in them and that not a single entry was accompanied by an indication of the source. Having established sources, dates and specifications, he compiled a subject-thematic index, an alphabetical list of the authors and the names mentioned to all 29 Moscow volumes of the collection. In 1953, the “Turkestan Collection”, available in a single copy- 594 volumes with all scientific connotation was transferred to the Alisher Navoi State Library.

Every year “Betger readings” are held in the framework of the National Information Library Week “Infolib”. They are held in the memory of well-known library scientist Betger and are aimed at consolidating scientists, teachers of information and library disciplines and practitioners in determining the role and place of information and library institutions, information and library services and the dissemination of ideas of information culture in the modern infrastructure of society.

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan