In the National Library of Uzbekistan, a book-illustrative exhibition entitled “Sirli osmon sinoatini ochgan alloma” (Scientist who revealed the secrets of heaven)

March 22, 2019 in the reading room "Ilm" of the National Library of Uzbekistan opened a book-illustrative exhibition titled "Sirli osmon sinoatini ochgan alloma" (Scientist who revealed the secrets of heaven), dedicated to the 620th anniversary of the statesman, the great astronomer and mathematician Mirzo Ulugbek (1394-1449). At the exhibition took place books and illustrations telling about his life and scientific discoveries.

The great astronomer and mathematician, an outstanding scientist, statesman Mirzo Muhammad ibn Shahrukh ibn Timur Ulugbek Taragay was born on March 22, 1394 in the city of Sultania. In 1409, Ulugbek was declared as the the ruler of Samarkand, and in 1447 became the head of the Temurids dynasty. From his youth, Ulugbek showed a great inclination towards the science and art, especially mathematics and astronomy. The rich library that his grandfather and father had collected contributed to the expansion of his intellectual horizon. The teachers of Ulugbek were prominent scientists, among them Kazizade Rumi was mathematician and astronomer.

 In the years 1417-1420 Ulugbek built a madrasah in Samarkand, where he invited astronomers and mathematicians of the Islamic world. The goal of his scientific interests was astronomy, and the creation of an observatory was a matter of life, the construction of which was completed in 1428-1429. The main scientific work of Ulugbek is considered to be the astronomical reference book “Ziji Jadidi Guragani”, which was translated into Latin and was a manual on astronomy in all observatories of Europe.

Books "Academy of Ulugbek", "Mirzo Ulugbek", "Manaviyat Yulduzlari", "Ulugbek Rasadxonasi", "Ulugbek", "Buyuk Allomalarimiz", "From the History of the Classification of Sciences in the Medieval Muslim East", "Stars of the Mamuna Academy", “’Temur and Ulugbek",“ Amir Temur va Ulugbek zamondoshshlari hotirasida ”,“ Ulugbek va uning ilmiy merosi ”,“ Mirzo Ulugbek avlodlari ”, collections of reports and theses, articles from journals presented at the exhibition tell about rich scientific heritage of the topic of booklet, which he wrote about that he was not only a great scientist, who made invaluable contribution to the development of science and civilization of all mankind, but also just a statesman and a generous patron.

Press Service of the National Library of Uzbekistan